We would like to offer you after exhibition oak windows and doors.

All windows and doors listed below are new,

have no defects and they were never installed.

Only now reduced price by 40% !!!

Beautiful "RESIDENCE" front entrance solid oak door.

Dimensions- W1430 x H2750

Profile thickness- 70mm

Colour- natural oak

Glazing- 4/10/4TF

Hardware- ROTO

Locking system- ROTO C600  3 point


Elegant oak windows.

Profile- Soft Line 68 OAK

Colour- natural oak/RAL1015 Light Ivory

Glazing- 4/16/4TF

Hardware- ROTO NT

Available dimensions :

W x H

1180 x 2600 

1180 x 2600

1150 x 2255

1150 x 2275

1150 x 2285

1220 x 2275

950 x 1695